Event Time: 8:00 AM / Event Location: San Diego

Here is an updated schedule of BJJ tournaments nearby San Diego (within 5 hours of driving) that BJJ Hostel guests can participate in:

  • Aug 1      Jiu Jitsu World League Huntington Beach, CA
  • Aug 1      Icon San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Aug 8      IBJJF Vegas Open Las Vegas, NV
  • Aug 22   NAGA San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Aug 23   Grappling X Wildomar No GI Games San Diego, CA
  • Aug 29   Subcon San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Sep 19    JJ World League Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct 4      Subcon Last Man Standing Sub Only Los Angeles, CA
  • Oct 10    NABJJF Nationals Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct 24    UAEJJF Grand Slam LA Los Angeles, CA
  • Nov 1      Subcon Charity Double Elimination Event San Diego, CA
  • Nov 14    BJJ Tour Event Las Vegas, NV
  • Jan 31    Subcon San Diego San Diego, CA


This list only includes events within a 5 hour drive from San Diego and will be updated as new events come to light. Please feel free to leave us a comment with any new tournaments that we may have missed.