Jiu Jitsu Competitions Near San Diego – Schedule for 2015

Event Time: 8:00 AM / Event Location: San Diego

Here is an updated schedule of BJJ tournaments nearby San Diego (within 5 hours of driving) that BJJ Hostel guests can participate in:

  • Aug 1      Jiu Jitsu World League Huntington Beach, CA
  • Aug 1      Icon San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Aug 8      IBJJF Vegas Open Las Vegas, NV
  • Aug 22   NAGA San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Aug 23   Grappling X Wildomar No GI Games San Diego, CA
  • Aug 29   Subcon San Diego San Diego, CA
  • Sep 19    JJ World League Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct 4      Subcon Last Man Standing Sub Only Los Angeles, CA
  • Oct 10    NABJJF Nationals Las Vegas, NV
  • Oct 24    UAEJJF Grand Slam LA Los Angeles, CA
  • Nov 1      Subcon Charity Double Elimination Event San Diego, CA
  • Nov 14    BJJ Tour Event Las Vegas, NV
  • Jan 31    Subcon San Diego San Diego, CA


This list only includes events within a 5 hour drive from San Diego and will be updated as new events come to light. Please feel free to leave us a comment with any new tournaments that we may have missed.


Tournaments in April

Event Time: No time set / Event Location: No location set

Here’s an updated list of competition events that are coming up in the next few weeks!

April 12: Grappling X in San Diego

April 25: Copa Pacifica 18 in Huntington Beach

May 2nd: Subcon Championship in San Diego

May 2nd: IBJJF Las Vegas Open in Las Vegas

May 9th: JJ World League in Las Vegas


IBJJF Pan Am’s in March – BJJ Hostel Rideshare to Tournament

Event Time: 8 AM / Event Location: Irvine, CA

Just a head’s up for those who are planning to stay with us prior to the Pan AM’s but we will be offering a group ride share to the Pan Am’s tournament on March 11 or 12 and departing back to San Diego after the black belt Finals in the evening of March 15.

Feel free to book your stay with us prior to and after the Pan AM’s event and rest assured that we will offer affordable transportation to and from the event. We will be coordinating split hotel rooms for guest who wish to stay over the weekend!



Jiu Jitsu Hostel Grand Opening in January 28, 2015!

Event Time: 8pm / Event Location: San Diego, CA

The Jiu Jitsu hostel will be opening its doors to our first guests on January 28, 2015! Please contact us at bjjhostel@gmail.com if you have any inquiries regarding bookings.

The hostel will comfortably host up to 11 guests with ample room for all guests to enjoy their time. Mats are available for guests to drill or roll at any time of day with 14×14 feet of tatami 1″ MMA puzzle mats to accommodate for hard training.

We will be offering promotional rates for our grand opening and look forward to providing you with more details. Please send us an e-mail today and get started on your next adventure!