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Ever wondered what it’s like to train BJJ in South California? Check out this new documentary called “ROLL: Jiu-Jitsu in SoCal” and check out the BJJ scene in Socal! Lots of gyms in San Diego were covered in the documentary and can provide a glimpse into what the BJJ Lifestyle is like here in San Diego.

“Alongside his company Eat Films, filmmaker Dan Lewis is working on a documentary about the jiu jitsu scene in Southern California. It’s rare to see such an exciting BJJ project, seemingly chock-full of our favorite West Coast grapplers—including Saulo Ribeiro (San Diego), Joel Tudor (San Diego), Buchecha (Irvine), Andre Galvao (San Diego), and JT Torres (San Diego). The film takes a look at the history of the art in the region and explore the culture of the modern day practitioners keeping it alive and well.”


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